Who do I contact if I would like to schedule visits or make changes/cancellations – Parks & Barks or my walker/boarder directly?

We encourage our walkers and boarders to develop a relationship with the owner seeing that your pet will be directly in their care. However, we please ask that if you are requesting service, making changes or canceling any appointments, to please contact Parks & Barks directly. We will then inform the walker/boarder from there (you are welcome to copy them in an email, or contact them in addition). We are always available via email, text or phone. We will also ensure that your walker has your immediate contact info should they need to get a hold of you in case of emergency.

This is very important!! For instance, in the unlikely event something were to happen during a board or a visit, and we were unaware of the booking, insurance would not cover any claims made as we would have no record of the service being rendered. We would simply like to ensure that you and your pet(s) are covered at all times and that you have peace of mind. While our walkers are usually very good at informing us, contacting us directly will always confirm you are 100% protected.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the preferred method so that we may have record of all correspondence, but phone and text are just fine as well!

Will I have the same walker each time?

Yes! We prefer to assign only one walker to a client in order to establish a bond between the walker and the pet, and with the client as well. The only time a different walker would arrive is in the event of illness or if the walker is away. In that case we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible, and if time allows we can arrange an introduction.

When a coverage does take place, access is passed to the temporary walker along with any details that they will need to know. We will inform the client of who is covering.

Can you guarantee my walker will arrive at the exact time I have specified?

During your meet & greet with your walker, the two of you will discuss a preferred time or time range you would like your pet visited within. We allow a one hour window on either side of your requested visit time (ie. if you would like your pet visited at 12pm, it would be acceptable for your walker to arrive between 11am-1pm).

We allow this one hour window to account for any traffic, driving time, schedule changes, inclement weather or issues your walker may face during their day. If you require a more specific time because your pet is crated, needs to be fed or needs medication, please let your walker know and we will do our best to arrive promptly in those situations! Even though we cannot guarantee an exact arrival time, our walkers do their best to arrive as closely to your requested time as possible.

What happens to walks in inclement weather?

We still complete the visit within the time frame you’ve requested. If there is thunder or lightning present, for the safety of your pet(s) and our walkers, we will try to get them to do their business as quickly as possible and then spend the remainder of the visit inside for cuddles and play. Otherwise, our walkers brave most weather!

What day will I receive the invoice? 

Invoices are sent out weekly via email. If you’ve chosen to figure out the total before it’s sent out so you can issue payment on a day that’s most convenient for you, that’s no problem. In that case, you would just regard the invoice as a statement.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We understand that things can come up suddenly! We would prefer at least 24 hours notice, but generally we don’t charge a cancellation fee unless the walker is already en route.

For boarding, because of its high demand and limited availability, we ask for 48 hours notice to cancel. If less notice is given, the client will be charged 25% of what their total would have been.

How can I pay?

We have the following methods of payment:


  • Email abbey@parksandbarks.ca is set up for e-transfers. Take note that your bank may charge a fee per transfer.


  • Payment can be made directly through your invoice. Pre-authorized credit card payments are also available – contact us for more info!

Is it customary to tip your walker/boarder?

No, and it is not expected by any means. However, should you choose, gratuities are not declined.